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Yes, you can achieve a model portfolio in 3 hours. Let Fourwinds Photography show you how.

Be as subtle or daring as you like with a combination of make-up, hair transformation and clothes – a little or a lot.

Your professional portfolio can be used for prospective agencies, performance promotion, or advertising your business.

Portfolio, Stage 1 Transformation


This model started with two cheeky looks. The clothes and poses set the style but the clever use of contrasting colours draw the eye, particular to the upper region of the body.

This contrasting style is also ideal for headshots.

Boudoir Twist 1

The set change is subtle, lit from the right while the model is turned to the left means the entire figure is illuminated.

Lingerie creates a strong sexy image, but the make-up is the same with the hair slightly altered to transform a classic pose into a dramatic or theatrical look. 

Boudoir twist 2

The hair and make-up are the same as before, but the minimal set changes create a different mood.

The lighting is flatter so there is less contrast, but it still picks up tiny details like the end of the hair lightly grazing the top of the model’s bum cheek as if in motion.

Boudoir twist 3

Every entertainer knows how much a prop adds to a performance, images are no different. The straight lines from the stepladder provide a balanced contrast to the model’s curvaceous shape.

The lighting is focused on the top half of the figure filtering out towards the lower half while keeping the stocking top lace detail.  

Shadows 1

Punk is a distinct look. However, these same 3-light effects work well with nightlife entertainment like a comedy club, jazz club or murder mystery. It’s your choice. 

The shadows slanting from the left give the illusion of a top window, but even with most of the light hitting one side the model’s outline is still defined. 

Shadows 2

This time the lighting is directly on the model shot from below and angled to illuminate specific areas across the figure, the eye and bust line.

This shadowing is also great for showing off the latex material in this instance. If you want to showcase clothes or costumes this lighting effect does so perfectly.  

Shadows 3

The same lighting is used here as before but the model is only shot from the waistline upwards. There is also sharper focus on the eye make-up, this effect could also be used to emphasis skin care products or services.

Additionally, this pose would make a dramatic headshot.

Shadows with colour 1

Adding simple red gels to the lighting and changing to more horizontal angles alters the whole mood. Both eyes are extenuated in red whilst the model’s body shape is clearly visible.

Red is associated with sex, danger and or warning, perfect for promoting high adrenalin pursuits like – burlesque shows, aerial acrobatics or combat sports.   

Shadows with colour 2

A classic set-up with black clothing on a black background. The red lighting tones add a warm glow to the look.

Again, the angled shadows are used to great effect lighting the model’s face, upper arm tattoo and body.


Nearing the end of the shoot this model took the opportunity to go deeper into ‘character’ with striking eye make-up, a peaked leather cap, sunglasses and black paint she applied to her neck and face. It’s easier to add than take-away at this stage so be as expressive as you want.  

Headshots 1

The first 2 headshots are with a blue gel shone directly behind the model creating a halo effect. The sunglasses in this shot are reflecting the main light.

A traditional headshot would stop at the nipple line, but this model chose to break that tradition in true punk style. 

Headshots 2

Porcelain lighting was used in the next three headshots which really zones in on the face and shows every detail. No filter was used in any of these shots.

The backgrounds are blue and black but you can choose different colours.

For more headshots

Contact Fourwinds photography for a free 30-minute consultation and book your shoot. 


Before you book a 3-hour shoot have a plan so you can get the most out of your time.

Build and layer your look gradually if you are looking for a dramatic statement piece at the end. It’s your shoot, you decide.

Typically, this is a model portfolio shoot, but these professional images can be used for anything, anywhere – posters, billboards, flyers, websites and social media platforms.

Contact Fourwinds photography for a free 30-minute consultation and book your shoot.

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