Toddler Portrait Photography

£75.00 45 minutes

Toddler Portrait Photography is designed for a black and white collage of images usually in square format to bring out your toddler’s real character.

A unique shoot which is simple and straight forward but the impact is incredible


Toddler Portrait Photography will bring out the true character of your toddler.  Creative Toddlers is a 45-minute studio shoot in the studio. No complicated setup, usually your toddler will be bare chested sitting on a stool with either Mum or Dad close by. This utterly amazing shoot is timeless and in years to come will re-ignite fond memories of your child at a beautiful age in their life.

Included in your Toddler Portrait Photography shoot experience: –

  • A 45 minute Toddler Portrait photography session.
  • A viewing appointment showcasing the images from your Toddler session.
  • One 8″x6″ mounted portrait of your choice (usually £60).
  • Total value £135.


Family Portrait Photography including the Toddler shoot is perfect for our fabulous wall art, albums, and prints of your images. Printed in the highest quality that will stand the test of time.

This particular shoot is perfect for a collage in square format, in blocks of 4, 9 even 16 images. 

Typically, a well maintained professionally framed, acrylic, or aluminium product lasts for up to 100 years or even more. Likewise, albums and desktop products will also be subject to appropriate care. However, desktop products can show wear as they are more likely to be mishandled by their very nature of being on a desk or cabinet.

Information on Toddler and Family Portrait Photography is available at our families page, and our facebook page.

Or if you need to discuss with us directly then fill out the contact form on the families page.

We can also call you directly, or if you prefer call us and we will help you make the right decision for your special occasion.


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