Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography includes  Headshots but not exclusivley. Call if you need something different.

Headshot Studio Shoot why do I need professional images? Will my smart phone do? Not if you want to be professional on Facebook, Linkedin, ID cards, corporate web sites,
Whatever you brand, your professional or social media images will be the first impression everyone sees, of you, the product, service or persona you are portraying. Therefore, a professionally taken headshot is one of the most important ways to start your customer journey.

The package details below will suit most client requirements from a simple one-hour session (Starter Pack) to fully creative package of up to four hours. Those perhaps in the entertainment’s arena will benefit from a truly creative experience. Whatever your requirements are, we can ensure your images are the absolute best. However, we can always tailor packages to suit your specific requirements.

We are also able to come to your premises, be that workplace, theatre, corporate offices, site and so on.

Need more information. Go to Professional Headshots or Commercial Photography Page

Headshot Studio Shoot Packages Available:

  • Starter Package,  1 hour studio shoot, in addition, 10 digital images with one digitally enhanced.
  • Professional, up to 90 minutes studio shoot, in addition 20 digital images, four digitally enhanced.
  • Portfolio, up to 3 hours studio shoot, in addition 40 digital images, six digitally enhanced.
  • Creative, up to 4 hours studio shoot, unlimited digital images and ten digitally enhanced.

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